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Danish corporate & commercial law firm

The Danish Law firm cooperation situated at Charlottenlund Station, consisting of Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater, Tangna Law and Rose Advokater, offers legal advice and services within corporate & commercial, labour and employment, company law, M&A and HR-M&A.

The Law firm cooperation consists of highly experienced lawyers, with a strong commercial focus, an international perspective and strive for the highest degree of professionalism. The Law firm cooperation values cooperation with overseas law firms and partners. We offer seamless legal advice to our Danish and international clients, and as a unique feature of our Law firm cooperation, we have a strong focus and vast experience in offering seamless legal services between Denmark and China.

Our Law firm cooperation offers legal advice in Danish, English and Mandarin. We are located at the historical buildings by Charlottenlund Station, a short distance from downtown Copenhagen, in Denmark, close to the Chinese embassy.

Clients visiting our offices can enjoy free parking facilities and public trains right to the front door.


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Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater  

Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater Law firm is owned and operated by Danish Lawyer and partner Kiki Lara Bruun-Kiilerich. The Danish law firm specializes in labour and employment, company law, corporate & commercial and HR-M&A.

Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater are an integrated part of the Law Firm Corporation at Charlottenlund Station, working closely together with other highly experienced lawyers, in order to ensure the highest level of service for our clients.

Our offices are located in historical buildings by Charlottenlund Station, a short distance from central Copenhagen, and in Egedal municipality, just north of Copenhagen. 

Clients visiting our offices in Charlottenlund, can enjoy free parking facilities and public trains straight to the front door.

Contact us at:

Phone: +45 40 73 42 58
E-mail: kontakt@bk-legal.dk


Tangna law Advokat Tina Ravn og solicitor


Tangna Law

Tina Ravn is a fully qualified Danish lawyer and UK solicitor. She is the owner of Tangna Law, a Danish law firm with an international focus, particularly in relation to Denmark and China.  Tangna Law offers legal advice in the area of business law, M&A, company law, finance, registration of IP rights, and speaks a variety of languages, including Danish, English and Mandarin.

Read more about Tangna Law and our services at: www.tangnalaw.com


Caspar Rose, Rose Advokater


Rose Advokater

Lawyer Caspar Rose is the owner of Rose Advokater and offers a broad spectrum of highly specialized legal advice, within corporate & commercial, with a special focus on company law, contracts, special regulation and the work of the board of directors, tort law (the responsibility of the company’s management).

Læs mere om Rose Advokater og vores services på/read more about Rose Advokater and our services at: www.roseadvokater.dk




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