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Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater offer specialist advise and legal services within labour and employment regulation and relations, and all HR legal matters. We strive to be your trusted HR legal adviser and partner, offering you not only legal services on an ad hoc basis, but also HR partnerships, becoming your trusted HR adviser and partner, knowing, and building your HR organisation, in order to ensure that you are up to code and lives up to best practice compliance within HR and employee matters.

Our labour and employment services include:

  • Workforce expansion and reduction
    Including employment contracts, termination, dismissal for cause, fixed term employment, secondment of employees, temp agency workers, retention, non-compete clauses and non-solicitation of customers clauses.


  • Managing directors

Managing director service agreements, including non-solicitation and non-compete clauses, benefit and compensation packages, crossover from the managing director service agreement to the shareholder agreement where relevant.


  • Employee relations and HR

Disciplinary issues, how to handle sick leave, benefit and compensation packages, salaried employees, blue collar employees, collective bargaining agreements (CBA’s), disciplinary actions, personnel handbooks and policies.


  • Parental leave

Maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption leave, parental leave


  • Holiday

The Danish holiday year, holiday regulation, how to handle sick leave before and/or during holiday, notification of holiday, the Danish Feriekonto, paid holiday, special / additional holidays (in Danish Feriefridage).


  • HR data privacy GDPR

Privacy policies, TV-surveillance of the workplace, IT-surveillance and monitoring etc.


  • HR-interim
    HR-interim solutions, including onsite or remote assistance to build your HR organisation in Denmark, onsite HR-legal support for a fixed number of monthly / weekly hours.


  • HR conflict resolution
    Litigation, negotiation, settlements, and arbitration.


Please do not hesitate to contact lawyer and partner Kiki Lara Bruun-Kiilerich, + 45 4073 4258, for any and all enquiries regarding your employees and HR organisation.

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About Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater  

Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater is owned and operated by Danish lawyer and partner Kiki Lara Bruun-Kiilerich. We are an integrated part of the Law Firm Corporation at Charlottenlund Station, working closely together with other highly experienced lawyers, in order to ensure the highest level of service for our clients.

Our offices are located in historical buildings by Charlottenlund Station, a short distance from central Copenhagen, and in Egedal municipality, just north of Copenhagen. 

Clients visiting our offices in Charlottenlund, can enjoy free parking facilities and public trains straight to the front door.

Contact us at:

Bruun-Kiilerich Advokater
Charlottenlund Stationsplads 2
DK-2920 Charlottenlund

Phone: +45 40 73 42 58


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+45 40 73 42 58

CharlottenlundCharlottenlund Stationsplads 2
2920 Charlottenlund

EgedalHaretoften 6, 2765 Smørum